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Gotik Aztéques

Long after a bloody Aztec invasion of Gothic Europe, A young European Aztec girl, rebelling against her Aztec ancestry, becomes a newly initiated member of the last cult of the Devil. Gotik Aztéques is a mix of live-action & animation, commissioned by the French publishing collective Le Dernier Cri as a segment for their animation compilation "Les Religions Sauvage". I am currently finishing post-production on an extended version.
A sneak preview of Gotik Aztéques was seen at The Archeology of Imaginary Communication Devices conference in March, 2004 at the Debaile Center in Amsterdam.

Montreal, Oct. 14, 2004. Le dernier cri presented the world premiere of "Les Religions Sauvage"including Gotik Aztéques @ the Galerie Clark as part of their travelling 10th anniversary show. 2 hours of demented godhead worshipped by all in attendance.

Los Angeles, 2/26/2005. Presented Gotik Aztéques in a show of live video mixing & looping with mixMaster / composer Tom Recchion @ the CalArts Redcat theater in downtown LA. This was presented as a part of LA MOCA's Visual Music Exhibition concert series; SeeHear now.

click for a big page of stills from Gotik Aztéques

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Photographic proof of the Devil.
See for yourself.

coatlique or cihuateotl
(the textbooks disagree)
mov 2.5mb loop.

Because it's a loop it may not play
till it's totally downloaded.