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Doo-Dooettes, Loop Rendered (excerpt). from Jonathon Rosen Studio on Vimeo.

Doo-Dooettes, Loop Rendered (excerpt).
Music by the Doo-Dooettes from the CD "THINK SPACE" on Organ of Corti. Remixed and reconfigured by Tom Recchion. Video animation & editing by Jonathon Rosen.

Apartment Thunder from Jonathon Rosen Studio on Vimeo.

Apartment Thunder;
Music from David Toop’s CD Black Chamber (Sub Rosa).
Musicians: David Toop, Tom Recchion.
Animation / Editing / Direction: Jonathon Rosen

Gothic Aztecs (Gotik Aztéques)

Long after a bloody Aztec invasion of Gothic Europe, A young European Aztec girl, rebelling against her Aztec ancestry, becomes a newly initiated member of the last cult of the Devil. Gotik Aztéques is a mix of live-action & animation, commissioned by the French publishing collective Le Dernier Cri as a segment for their animation compilation "Les Religions Sauvage". I am currently finishing post-production on an extended version. ©2007 by Jonathon Rosen. All rights reserved.